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When Can You Cancel Car Finance?


Car finance can be done in two ways; when you either get a loan from a bank or a finance company, which is known as direct lending, or you go to a car dealership itself and enter a contract to lease the car and pay them back bit by bit, which is known as dealership financing. There are several ways you can end your car finance contract. For starters, after you enter into a car financing contract, under the Consumer Credit Act, there is a duration of 14 days, which is known as the “cooling off period”. During the cooling off period, you can talk to your finance provider and […]

Car finance – Am I ready to purchase a vehicle on finance?


Car finance is quickly becoming the number one method of purchasing a new car. More people are open to the idea of paying for a vehicle over a longer period of time, which allows more companies to offer appealing deals. Best car finance deals here: Trusted Car Credit Although car finance hasn’t always been this popular, in the recent years it grew tremendously and is now widely available. People often wonder, whether they are ready to purchase a car on finance. This is because there are many factors that come in to play and need to be considered before making such a commitment. No one can tell if you are […]

Hire Purchase vs Personal Contract Purchase


It’s never been easier to purchase a new vehicle. Whilst in the past you had to save up for months, if not years, to buy your dream car, today there are services available that make it easier for you. Taking out any form of finance is a serious commitment that should only be considered when you are confident that you are ready for such a big responsibility. We are in no way trying to discourage your from applying, in fact we are here to help guide you in the right direction. The complicated world of car finance can be very confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with any of the […]

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